Fun Apps for iOS

projectxGalaxy Feud | A Turn-Based Multiplayer Space Strategy Game
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If you enjoy the classic game of Battleship you will go nuts over Galaxy Feud. Battle against friends online in epic battles in space. Earn credits and XP and upgrade your 5 individual spaceships with amazingly powerful weapons. Galaxy Feud is currently entering BETA and will be ready for launch in the next couple of months. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page. Learn more

krazycarnivalKrazy Carnival | A Fun Collection of Carnival Games with a Krazy Twist
Release date: Soon!

Krazy Carnival is not your regular carnie. A collection of games with classic themes like balloon darts and whack’a’mole taken to a whole new level. Lots of fast paced action, collectible coins and online leaderboards.

voodoobobVoodoo Bob | An Amazing Platform Time Travelling Adventure
Release date: TBD

Voodoo Bob is a classic platform adventure featuring Voodoo Bob, a time travelling witch doctor trying to get back to his own time. Battle fearsome enemies, explore jungles, dungeons, water filled caves and more. Get ready for an amazing adventure with tough boss battles, fun achievements and stunning graphics.

hexaquestHexaquest | Multiplayer Turn-Based Trivia in 6 Fun Categories
Release date:TBD

Trivia taken to exciting new levels. Knowing the right answer is not always enough. More than 3000 fun and challenging questions in 6 fun categories and 5 difficulties. Use strategy to get to the questions and difficulties you prefer and try your best at cutting off the opponent from getting to his. The ultimate multiplayer trivia game is soon available for iPhone!

triviaaceTriviaAce – London 2012 | Simple trivia fun testing your Olympic knowledge
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Do you love summer games and enjoy fun and exciting sports trivia? TriviaAce features 27 categories with more than 500 fun and current questions covering all the Summer Games disciplines. Full featured app with multiple great looking backgrounds and custom illustrations.